Skill development breaks the shackles of misery of the women

Skill development breaks the shackles of misery of women of Gamon Colony

The story started with the underprivileged women of Gamon Colony, Kada Road area of Durgapur, who came forward to meet a team member of Shamayita Math  , when the team happened to visit Kadaroad , as a CSR partner of Durgapur Cement Works. During interaction, the women shared the agony of their lives- a life lacking dignity, with poor trust and faith in the family.  They expressed their utmost need to become independent financially, as their only solution to come out of their present state of social insecurity.

Shamayita Math , in partnership with,  Durgapur Cement Works (DCW),started in a very simple way through a six months tailoring training. The women were found to be very regular and sincere in the training. Then Shamayita Math, along with Birla Corporation decided to create a platform through development of a production centre, where women in addition to financial upliftment will get a platform for mutual sharing of thoughts and appreciating the value of life. A jute bag making unit was  started, where DCW provided space in Cement Colony and infrastructure support in form of high end sewing machines and related machinery. The project started from November 2020, with an exposure visit to Jute bag manufacturing unit at Birlapur, Budge Budge. With 3 months of training from December2020 to March 2021, the women mastered the skill of stitching jute bags. From May, 2021, 75% women could be engaged in manufacturing of export quality bags, ordered by Birla Corporation. This engagement of the women from 9am to 5 pm,   in some productive work in a tension free environment changed the lives of these women.  The most skilled ones earn more than RS 3500 and semi skilled ones earn 2000. This has motivated the women to enhance the  production per day , so that they can earn more. Apart from financial security, they gained social security through their collectivization- they now know that they are not alone- together and under the umbrella of Shamayita Math,  they are a big force.