"The differently abled/special children of Monodeep are also Sat-Chit-Ananda. You all have framed certain norms from your perception and experience. You call things conforming to these norms normal and anything beyond is branded abnormal and unnatural. All these are man –made, not God’s. He manifests Himself in these children in a different mode. I wished that they should live with the so-called mentally sound children in the same campus …….
All are children of God, keen to convey multitudinous feelings through their demeanour and expression. Sad it is, that their unspoken words remain unlistened to, due chiefly to the lack of concern , empathy and love on our part. Let them find bliss in the vastness of the firmament, a manifestation of mother nature only. Put an end to the diabolical practice of addressing such children as unhealthy or ailing. Say aloud instead, in a sonorous voice, ‘You are He’." - Sri Sri Prabhuji