Shamayita Math has a sprawling campus of about 24 acres of land at the bank of Shali a small rivulet.

Located in the rural area of West Bengal the campus have enough open pollution free space which is nowadays a boon in the nature. Surrounded by paddy fields with Koro – a small hillock in the east with Susunia hill at the west one can see the presence of all the six seasons of rural Bengal.

A platform which has taken birth from the divine power of Revered Prabhuji the campus has an unique blend of spiritualism which defines the vastness of a life at every corner.

Some Special Corners

Vedanta Kutir

The Yogic Kutir of Revered Prabhuji which resembles the ancient life style of an Yogi blended with modern outlook in spiritualism. The hermit where Revered Prabhuji is residing after He returned from His Paribrajak ( spiritual travel) life. This is the divine place from where the light of love is shining like a Sun.

Shivohom Mancha

A platform where all the devotes come and sit together for realizing the absolute truth residing within everyone. In a calm and quiet environment this platform is an ideal place for the aspirants of self discovery.

Communion Hall

For exchange of ideas and thoughts and linking the self with the absolute truth an auditorium is in the campus termed as Communion Hall – the place for communion with God- the absolute power. This auditorium with excellent in built sound system is used for dual purpose. Regular evening prayer, meditations and also for seminars, workshops, cultural evening etc.

Samani Bhavan

The guest house of Shamayita Math where people who are associated with the activities of Math stay. For the multifarious activities of Math experts, donors, well wishers, followers frequently visit Math. For their accommodation guest houses are in the campus which have a deluxe suite, AC/Non-AC double bedded room, Non-AC dormitories.

Conference Hall

For meetings, interactive sessions a conference hall furnished with AC, sound system, audio visual system is available.


For all age groups a library has been set up in the conference hall. The library has a good collections of various types of books and magazines.

Prayer Hall

For the inmates of the Math regular morning & evening prayers followed by meditation are held in the Prayer Hall. The spiritual discourse for the women followers are also held in the prayer hall twice in a month.

Annam Bhavan

Around 100 people comprising of staff, guests, followers everyday take food in the dining hall which is the Annam Bhavan of Shamayita Math. Vegetarian food is available for all.

Apart from these, Shamayita Jeevan Surya (hospital), Shamayita Krishi Kendra (Agriculture unit) Sambriti, Shamayita Shikshangan (school) are all in the campus of Shamayita Math.