Divine messages of Sri Sri Prabhuji

We have to advance towards the formation of unity of all human beings. It requires a great revolution; this is the internal revolution of humanity. By dint of this revolution, one can see oneself within and at the same time in all. This is called self-introspection or attainment of 'Atman'.
Inner Revolution is the way of clear indication of human progress. Total transformation of mind is the route to ascent and such ascent is the goal of life. The sublimated mind takes no form of bondage. Nor even discrimination, fanaticism and conventional judgment. Here is only the play of embracing great love.
The highest duty in human life is to bring out religion from the cave of human heart. We do our duties profusely to the society, family and the country or the nation - but none of the duties will get perfection and fulfillment in life without this sense of duty.
Ideal is only eternal; the source of inspiration, blissful and immortal; all the rest in the cosmos are transient.
Expansion of soul is our aim, our identity our ideal; it is a means to cast off narrowism, bigotry and conservation. The more this expansion occurs, the more we can run towards the Centre, the Kingdom of Noble Soul.
Be broad and munificent like the blue firmament. Let it come whatever comes on the journey ahead. Having full confidence in the Lord, try to mat our everything as fruitful not fruitless. Learn the lesson from that phase you undergo.
Religion is one. God is one. But it does not mean that only a particular faith or community will remain while the others will die out or be converted into. No divine personalities have ever said like this. What has been said in that interpretation of Religion without realization is verily a distorted version and such gives birth to religions with communal tinge.
Woman should be self dependent. She should have self reliance and inspiration for advancement from the depth of the soul. Radiant by the glow of self she would also possess a well balanced rhythm of progress and peace of self power.
Religion is my life and re-establishment of religion is my mission. This supreme truth flows through every part of my veins and nerves. No different way is left open away from this current. I am ordained and pledged-bound.