Our Inspiration

Shamayita Math was founded by Sri Sri Prabhuji, an inborn spiritual yogi, with a vision of transforming the society towards attainment of oneness.

Right from the time of descent and absorbed in His own contemplation, this Divine personality has been breaking the limited walls of the society, the narrowness and constricted nature of the society through His transcendental yogic forces to reform and give birth to a new society. Though unnoticed to the world, epoch making chapters in history are being created through the yogic power of the Divine Soul.

Before the birth of this Divine Soul, the righteous and devout parents could realize consciously the significance of advent of such uncommon soul. An auspicious moment in the ways of living of the God-loving parents by a divine oracle just on the eve of appearance of the Divine soul. Vibrating in a trumpet voice, the oracle said – ‘The child coming does not belong to a particular family, nor even to a nation or country, but he belongs to the entire world.’ The divine birth is pre-destined. Self contemplation was His inherent nature and mental faculty.

The traditional childhood was idiosyncratic (unusual) in some ways. Favourite to Him was enjoying the banks of river Sali, the emaciated rivulet, which passes by the Ranbahal village and the rocks and boulders on the bank of the rivulet is a silent witness to His uncommon lifestyle.

The childhood of the divine boy passes in two directions. The first one was an apathy towards adoption of traditional and formal education (Apara Vidya) and the other an attraction towards ‘Jivan Jignasa’ or ‘Enquiry into life’ or a metaphysical quest. As the interrogation of life deepened, He became more contemplative. Though His parents were supportive and though his family environment was congenial to His introspective life, His quest for life was so intense that He felt chocked with the limited boundary. So even in His school days, he set out for an unknown spiritual destination. His first attempt was a trip to Puri from Bankura station. But He had to return to his home from Bishnupur station when a Mahatma sitting next to this God haunter in the same train fondly and affectionately persuaded this obstinate boy to return home. His return to home put an end to the anxieties and worries of His parents and relatives, though temporarily. After completing school He joined college.

His aspiration for attainment of the ultimate reality, the Supreme Truth, the Divine made His mind revolt against the collegiate lessons- the worldly knowledge or Apara Vidya. His inner call forced Him to take a second attempt- this time to Varanasi , Haridwar and other holy places of north India. The eternal call of Rishikesh, Alakananda, Devaprayag, Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag and the glorious contemplated heights of the Himalayas helped Him to realize His ownself, attain oneness with the Supreme Truth.

As He traversed through the length and breadth of the Himalayas, he gained intense self confidence, indomitable spirit of perseverance to go on for the hard austerities. He spends years together in the dense forests and caves of the Himalayas, often without food and water. This God seeking youth became a Tapash,a Yogi. His belief became firm that He is one with the Supreme Soul and all forms of Gods and Goddesses – Shiva , Vishnu, Krishna are manifestations of the same Supreme Soul. Days , months and years passed by. In the caves of the Himalayas He met Barfani Baba ( as he was called) and Mataji – the divine Mother. This meeting, he believed, was pre-determined and at the holy touch of the Divine personality, the enquiry into life of the youth dissolved into transcendental state, the experience was inexpressible and inconceivable. Accomplishing the essence of sadhanas and being fully conscious of His mission in life, the Divine Soul took leave from the Himalayas. Touring over all the holy pilgrimages of India, He came back to His homeland in 1967 after twelve long years.

He returned to his homeland with a specific mission. He felt the need to create a platform for hundreds and thousands of truth seeking souls from all over the world who would come to gain the knowledge of the Supreme Truth, the knowledge of oneness of Jivatma and the Paramatma.

After His return He started residing in a thatched cottage in the outskirts of the village Ranbahal village For about 15 years the Yogi passed His days and nights plunging into the superconscious state with the feeling –“I am neither sin, nor virtue, neither pleasure, nor pain, nor temple, nor worship , nor pilgrimage, nor scriptures. I am existence of Absolute, Knowledge absolute, Bliss Absolute, I am He, I am He.” His dwelling place automatically turned into a hermitage around which profound silence prevailed. He stayed in total seclusion and only close companions were allowed to come in contact in fixed time. This was the period when he developed the vision,, the blue print for his future role as a Saviour of the human sufferings of the world.

In 1975, He happened to establish ‘Abatanik Vidyadan Kendra’- a supportive education system for the underprivileged rural boys and girls under the trees and the open sky. Many school teachers of the locality were privileged to provide voluntary service to this school.

It is said-“when flowers bloom, bumble bees begin to come’. So it was experienced. Towards the end of one and a half decade of complete detachment from outside world of the Mahayogi, bees began to approach the hive of the thatched hermitage to collect blissful honey. Acting in the role of an Acharya, he laid down before the sons and daughters the practical ideas of Vedanta, to make them realize the difference between social service and spiritual service in these key words- “ Service is neither mercy, nor compassion, nor even a political fashion. It is the great love of the Sadhaka acquired through sadhana.”

To translate His ideas into reality, Shamayita Math was born on 15th August, 1996. Since then, Shamayita Math started expanding with manifold services to the society- promotion of education, health services, skill development, etc. but with the underlying principle- “Self realization is the ultimate goal of life.” In His words- “Without self realization, I do not believe in any religion. Without knowing oneself, one cannot leave a mark in the hearts of others.”

The Brahmavid , as we see Him today is in the highest seat of Vedanta, in His simple unassuming Kutir is immersed in eloquent silence, but wakeful and aware of His divine mission and activities, guiding His sons and daughters towards liberation of human souls towards eternity- irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex, from thee bondage of the mundane world – Maya.