"Associating deeply and inseparably with rural life, my sadhana in its innermost apartment, felt the immense touch of sorrows and pains of the depressed humanity. With the yearning for freedom of soul of captive humanity these wailing pains have sometimes have become concerted in my feeling and thought. This inauguration is indeed, the aftermath of such realization. I am conscious of the fact that in the backward and neglected atmosphere of rural areas, opening of a convent school is undoubtedly a challenge and experimentation. I also know at the same time that the ideals and good pledges are immutable, so in my firm conviction that the school which is born today will remain alive by dint of transmitted power of self realization and countless love of people. Amidst legions of obstacles and hostility it will create its own blissful daughters. Society as well as the world would receive from them as presentation, the embodiment of blissful motherhood in purity, brightened with wisdom, courage and everlasting benediction." - Sri Sri Prabhuji