Our Philosophy - The way we think

Shamayita Math is a spiritual organization, born out of the dreams of an inborn divine personality, a Mahayogi- Sri Sri Prabhuji, in the year 1996. Sri Sri Prabhuji believes-“Self Realization is the ultimate goal of life”.

The organization is driven by the philosophy of ultimate empowerment of human through self knowledge and self awareness. To attain the knowledge of self, there is no need to lead the life of hard penance and austerity, no need to practice any custom and doctrine, Shamayita Math does not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, colour, religion, sect. To realize the self, ne has to plunge into the innermost being and discover the wider meaning of ‘I’. Prabhuji says-‘The smaller I of yourself will have to be sacrificed amidst the vast circumference of consciousness.”

To arouse the consciousness of self in day to day life, the organization has undertaken multifarious developmental services for the society. We believe- Service or Karma is the connecting bridge to enable one to come out of the ‘constricted self’ or ‘Smaller I’ and to live with an expanded soul or ‘Greater I’. The organization carries out its activities not out of sympathy, or compassion, but out of love acquired through self realization. In the words of Prabhuji- Service is neither mercy, nor even a favour of anyone. Service is not a political fashion. It is the great love acquired by the sadhaka through sadhana.

The philosophy believes that the world is governed by a Supreme Power, a Divine power an eternal power. And every human soul is the abode of Infinite power, Infinite Energy. But since our birth, through different stages of life in this material world, we are never aware of this. Our focus is never towards our inside or inner self. Keeping our eyes always towards the outside world, we gradually move away from our inner self. Concentrating on our inner self will provide us the infinite energy, the power, the confidence and determination to achieve what we want in life. Our goal is to make people aware of this inherent power, infinite potential in him. Happiness does not lie outside , cannot be attained in temple, mosque, gurudwara, but it lies within us all, only we have to discover it. Every human is an abode of infinite power, endless energy and unlimited potential, once the ‘Greater I’ is discovered. Only after realizing our self can we awaken ourselves into universal thoughts, do good to humanity, to the society. Social service without spiritualism is regarded as a hypocrisy of religion, pretension of religion. Service can be provided only by establishing Greater I and by annihilating and sacrificing the smaller ego.