Skilling Rural Youth

Economy of small towns is growing rapidly and this growing economy requires various types of skilled workers.

However, the establishments in the small towns are not big enough to acquire skilled human resources. On the other hand, in the villages surrounding the towns and industrial areas are many youth who have achieved some level of school education, but do not have employable skills.

Hence, they are either sitting idle or are under-worked in agriculture, or working in un-skilled jobs at low wages. Thus, there is a gap in the demand and supply of skilled human resources in and around small towns and industrial areas.

‘Skilling Rural Youths’ is a simple but effective program to fill this gap and initiate the transition for educated un-employed or under-employed youth from unskilled workers to semi skilled and skilled workers, thus adding value to their life and livelihoods as well to the local and national economy.

Project Module is as follows:

Mobilize & Counsel rural unemployed youth between the age group of 18 to 35. (school-dropouts/10th fail/12th fail).

Identify job potentials/employment opportunities in the local market (Market Scan). Develop rapport and sensitize employers on the candidates profile and the intent of the programme.

A ten days Classroom Training on Life Skills to develop self-esteem of the rural youth and provide them a platform for beginning their career.

Assess the livelihood potential of the mobilized unemployed rural youth and match with local employment opportunities listed out initially.

In the year 2016-17, 203 youths out of 292 After completion of the training, trainees are placed in services like security services, housekeeping in hotel and lodge, restaurant, shopping mall, petrol pump, jute mill and other small industries or in marketing and sales sector.

Year No of trainees No of trainees placed in job
April’2016- March’2017 292 203
April’2017-July’2018 505 352