Marang Buru Group of Schools

With a view to provide education for children in the age group of 4-12 years, village learning centers have been setup at three villages. They have been named “Marang Buru Schools” after the deity in the villages.

Promising children from such schools are coopted into the full time Shamayita Convent School.

Currently there three “Marang Buru Schools” operational – at Dangapara, Sheulibona and Hanshpahari villages. The total enrolment is about 130 students in there three centers.
Education provided is based on the syllabus of West Bengal Primary Board.

Mid-day meal is provided to the students of Marang Buru School and nutritious tiffin is provided for the students of other two schools which is prepared by the mothers grouped into self help groups. Each of the schools is managed by four teachers.

Like every year the days of national importance were celebrated in each of the schools to help students gain knowledge about history and heritage of the nation.

Supplementary Education in the morning session- (three hours) is being provided to the  primary school students from classes Pre-primary to Class IV before students join their regular Govt. schools. The objective is to supplement over the inadequacies of tribal and Scheduled Caste students in learning the subjects of school curriculum, so that there is no drop out once they join middle/high school. Such programme is run in remote and backward areas, where students are first generation learners and get no support from their parents during home study.


Three such schools, named as Marang Buru Schools  are run by Shamayita Math in remote villages of Hanspahari, Kendrabonathol and Shiulibona from 7.00 am to 10 am  with 50 students in each school. The schools which started from 2010, have played a pivotal role in bringing about a noticeable change in the lives of the children and through them their families as well. Students enjoy coming to school-to study, play, have midday meal and learn to draw, paint and sing  and celebrate special days of national importance apart from having annual sports. Good support and cooperation is provided by the parents who are indebted to Shamayita Math for creating an ideal atmosphere for grooming and upbringing of their child/children.


Some organizations have come forward to support Shamayita Math in this endeavour to promote education among the poor and the underserved:


‘Asha for education’– provided fund for sharing a part of teachers’ salary and gave a donation of Rs twenty lakhs as corpus fund. The interest from the corpus fund will be used for providing special care to the students in Class IV for getting admission in good schools in Class V. It is also be used for supporting the cost of education in Class V and higher  for ex- students now in high schools of the locality. Three have joined Shamayita Convent School as boarders. Installation of filtered drinking water facility in Marang Buru School, Hanspahari. Sponsor teachers’ training- for imbibing special skill and build the capacity of the teachers.


‘Friends of Shamayita Math’– a Denmark based organization formed for supporting education extension programme run by Shamayita Math also provides support for the students of Marang Buru School, Kendrabonathol.


Rotary Club of San Jose, East Evergreen provides support in Marang Buru school, Hanspahari. The school at Hanspahari had acute shortage of drinking water, with only one handpump for the entire village. An old and abandoned well was cleaned and the water is supplied to the school  after necessary filtration. Rotary club of Christianshavn Slotsholmen, Demark also joined their hands in creating this drinking water source.