Convergence with Government Health Schemes

Matribedi Shamayita Math provides following facilities –

Diagnostic Laboratory
Rogi Sahayata Kendra
Cataract Operation

Diagnostic Laboratory : Matribedi Shamayita Math runs the diagnostic laboratory in Private Public Partnership mode at Amarkanan Rural Hospital since the year 2007.

Here all kinds of pathological tests are conducted at a rate fixed by the government for all patients referred by Amarkanan Rural Hospital. Annually, about 10,000 patients the benefitted from this laboratory.


Ambulance : Matribedi Shamayita Math also operates the ambulance of Amarkanan Rural hospital on Private Public Partnership basis since the year 2005 and in Kanchanpur BPHC since the year-2008, under the scheme ‘Janani Surakshya Yojna’ and ‘Matri Jan’.

Rogi Sahayata Kendra : Matribedi Shamayita Math started operating the Rogi Sahayata Kendra of Amarkanan Rural Hospital from 17th December 2015.


Cataract Operation : Matribedi Shamayita Math also provides the facility of cataract operation, free of cost, under the scheme of National Blindness Control Programme.