Eye Screening Camp With DCW

Shamayita Math in collaboration with Priyamvada Birla Arvind Eye Hospital (PBAEH), has joined in a drive to control blindness caused due to untreated cataract. Durgapur Cement Works, a cement manufacturing unit of Birla Corporation Ltd. approached Shamayita Math for supporting them in providing the service of free cataract operation to the rural and semi urban community in Burdwan-Bankura-Birbhum districts.  In this initiative of Durgapur Cement Works, Shamayita Math plays its role as an organizer, sensitizing and mobilizing the community on benefits of cataract surgery, organizes the camps after necessary motivation and campaigning and does the follow up in the post operative stage. The cataract operations are done either in the Durgapur unit of PBAEH (for single eye surgery) or in Kolkata (for both eye surgery). Starting from December 2017, it has so far mobilized 2500 patients – majority of whom are from Durgapur and adjoining areas of Purba Burdwan.