"Vedanta is an earnest endeavour towards transformation of inner mid. It lies neither in doctrine nor even in theory. However it lies in the entire transformation of life and its application in practical life. Through application of Vedanta in Science, Technical education, agriculture and industry, immense benefit could be brought out in the service of humanity." - Sri Sri Prabhuji

Skill building is a powerful tool to kindle inner power, develop confidence and determination – hence empower individuals and improve their social acceptance.

Current statistics shows that only 2% of the total employees in India have completed skill development training.

In today’s age of globalisation and technological volatility, skill building is an important instrument to increase the efficacy and quality of labour for improved productivity and economic growth.

Skill India Mission aims at providing training & skill development for more than 40 crore youths by 2022 to remove the gap between the demand and supply of skilled manpower. Shamayita Math’s , in its endeavour to build an empowered society has also included “skill training and skill enhancement” as one of the themes for developing the society.