Mega Watershed Project in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh

With the goal of enhancing the income of 100,000 small and marginal farmers on sustainable basis, Mega Watershed Project was initiated by Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation in Chhattisgarh state.

We Shamayita Math as an implementing institution of this project is working at 2 blocks in 1 district of Chhattisgarh since December 2018.

Objective of this project is to:-

  • Restore of over 6.94 lakh ha of unirrigated areas, checking soil erosion, reducing run off by 50%
  • At least 50% area (3.50 Lakh ha.) under 150% to 200% cropping intensity Increase water availability for farming- leading to intensification & diversification of farming
  • 70% expenditure of MGNREGA on NRM productive assets
  • 100% NRM assets linked with gainful livelihoods of vulnerable group
  • Capacity building of PRIs, community members & CSOs
  • Create multiple employment options for youth
  • Develop strong socio-economic community, farmers and agro- entrepreneurs
  • Built strong and mutual relationship among people, PRIs and Public system

In year 2019-2020 , our project area was Dantewada as Intensive Block and Kuwakunda as non-intensive block . And our outreach for this year was

  • In Dantewada Block – 25 Panchayat, 41 Villages and 3820 Households
  • In Kuwakunda Block – 9 Panchayat , 12 Villages and 651 Households

Major achievements

  • Completion of the Detailed Project Report of all 25 GPs of Dantewada and 4 GPs of Kuakonda and submission of the same for approval – process followed includes –
  • Village stay to ensure participation of villagers, PRI members, Sachiv, Gramin Rojkar Sahayak,
  • Baseline Survey data collection
  • Social mapping, Resource mapping , Present land used mapping
  • 4372 number of plans have been generated till date which include CCT, LBS, Concrete Check Dams Farm Pond, Plantation, bunding, land leveling, Irrigation wells, etc.
  • Capacity Building of Gramin Rojgar Sahayaks, PRI/block administration, Community members- SHG/VOs on basic technical aspects of watershed approach and different NRM structures, and treatment technologies in different types of lands, Present water status, , livestock status, up land – meddle land – lower land used , forest product and market , etc.

In the thematic area of agriculture, we are promoting the new techniques for Kharif season, we reached 1255 households in agriculture and got success in growing vegetable as cash crops in 2019.