Healthcare Services for Underprivileged Population of Chhattisgarh & West Bengal

Shamayita Math, in partnership with the Government of Chhattisgarh is providing health care services for the underprivileged tribal population of Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh. The services are provided in the following areas:

  • Upgradation of Sub-centre in Aranpur: Located in the remote forest covered Aranpur village, in Aranpur panchayat, 35 km from the town of Kirandul, Aranpur Sub-centre was nearly nonfunctional. For even the smallest health need the villagers had to walk upto Palnar, about 17 km. This sub Centre was handed over to Shamayita Math by the District Magistrate of Dantewada on February’2017 to cater the health needs of the tribals of six villages residing within 2 km to 15 km of Aranpur Sub Health Centre. One weekly OPD is held every Thursday by MBBS doctor. On request of the villagers of the area, Aranpur Sub Health Centre was converted to a five bedded mini hospital by the District Collector. Shamayita Math provides the necessary MBBS doctor including an ANM nurse and MPW Male. It is a challenge that the tribal, having strong belief in faith-healers, now started to believe in Allopathic treatment.


  • Mobile Medical Unit – To provide free treatment services including medicines with the help of MBBS doctor and paramedics to the needy villagers of 23 villages of Kuakonda Block and 2 villages of Katekalyan Block of Dantewada district. The MMU is operated through 14 seater hired vehicle. The area of coverage is 5 km to 45 km one way and population coverage is 22399 in 5118 families approximately.


  • Pre birth centre in Palnar Sub Centre: Managed by Shamayita Math, this is an initiative of the Government to ensure institutional delivery and hence control IMR and MMR. Here the patients get admission in the Pre Birth Centre seven days before the Expected Date of Delivery so as to ensure safe motherhood.


Shamayita Math in partnership with Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited is providing health care services in the following areas :


  • Adolescent health programme: A project was executed in Sonadih (Baloda Bazar–Bhatapara District) & Arasmeta area (jangir Champa district of Chhattisgarh of Chhattisgarh, in Gangajalghati Block of Bankura district on adolescent health involving the students (specially girl students) of high school of the locality. Awareness is being generated through interactive sessions using IEC materials on how to take care of adolescent health. Support is being provided the male and female counselors , sessions are made interesting and interactive through group discussions, play, etc.


  • Primary school health activity: In all the locations where CSR projects of Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd. is being implemented, health awareness programme is focused around the children of primary schools of the locality. Awareness is raised on personal hygiene , specially , hand washing , how to protect our environment, seasonal diseases that occur and safety measures to be observed at home , road and school.


  • Control of malnutrition through model Anganwadi Centres: This project was implemented under the title “ Swasth Bharat”. Through a tripartite agreement made between NVCL, Government and Shamayita Math, a group of trained and motivated social mobilisers paid periodic visit to each centre under the project for organizing mothers’ meetings, counseling and door to door visit of the Severely Acute Malnourished (SAM) children, awareness on right nutrition for the pregnant and lactating mothers and children of 0-6 years, spot feeding and regular weighing