Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP)

It is consecutive third year that Shamayita Math is implementing the project called Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP) in Bankura District. The project is implemented through two components; IWMP-12 (in Gangajalghati) and IWMP-13 (in Block Bankura-II). In current year it has worked with 6182 beneficiaries in 65 villages covering 8800 hectare.


Project Objectives

  • Conservation, development and sustainable management of natural resources including their use.
  • Enhancement of agricultural productivity and production in a sustainable manner.
  • Restoration of ecological balance in the degraded and fragile rain fed eco-systems.
  • High water use efficiency.
  • Livestock, fishery, other household production / development.
  • Development / conversion of waste land.
  • Reduction in regional disparity between irrigated and rain-fed areas.
  • Creation of sustained employment opportunities for the rural community including the landless.