Biodiversity Park – ‘Vasundhara’

Shamayita Math has joined hands with the CSR department of Durgapur Steel Plant for  development of a biodiversity park- ‘Vasundhara’ in Durgapur on a vast stretch of unused land owned by Durgapur Steel Plant.

Background : Durgapur, in its journey towards a smart city is developing into a jungle of concrete manmade structures with high rise buildings, institutions,  shopping malls and modern roadways. Economic development is growing unabated but natural wealth is fast depleting.   In this critical juncture  Durgapur Steel Plant came up with the commitment to conserve the environment through development of Vasundhara Biodiversity  Park on  409 acres of land in Kamalpur area of Durgapur .

Objective & concept : The project being first of its kind in Durgapur – Asansol Belt , the main objective is to maintain ecological balance and to add to the natural wealth of the city. The concept of the project developed from the idea of replicating various eco-systems thriving along this zone of Damodar river belt , right from its inception till it meets Bhagirathi. Various eco-systems  would be located in different parts of the park housed in required natural landforms as per the species requirements of the eco-system, thereby enabling the visitor going around the park to have an interesting and informative experience of the various eco-systems with their unique flora and fauna.

Journey  during 2016-2018

The Vasundhara Biodiversity Park started its journey in 2016 with the plan of developing 28 acres  of the park in the first phase.  The components include the following :

  • Water body on 1.5 acres of land
  • Palm Grove on 5 acres of land
  • Bamboo Garden on 5 acres of land
  • Orchard on 8 acres of land
  • Sculpture garden on 5 acres of land
  • Holistic garden (medicinal garden) on 5 acres of land
  • Pathway and walkway – 4.5 km
  • Green belt plantation on the park boundary– plantation of more than 70,000 seedlings of forest species

The vast stretch of land which had been a place for unauthorized settlement for the local slum dwellers, now has been converted to a place of visit for the local people. The walkway through the park attract visitors of senior age group and the ornamental garden with statue of animals and the open green environment , huge water body, attract all, specially children, even today when the park is in its  stage of development.