Shishu Bandhab

“Shamayita Sishu Bandhab”- A project for Strengthening and Capacity Building of Village Level Child Protection Committees (VLCPC), in selected Panchyats of  Blocks Gangajalghati and Bankura –II was taken up by Bankura Childline, run by Shamayita Math with the support of ChristianshavnSlotsholmen Rotary Club of Denmark. The objective of the project was to make a safety net for the children through active participation of VLCPCs  & Block Level Child Protection Committees.

After a mandate was made under ICPS guidelines that Child Protection Committees need to be formed at block level and village level, Shamayita Math started this project. At the start of the project,   the majority of the VLCPCs were either not formed or was non functional in state,  as the members were not aware about their roles and responsibilities and the basic rights of the child. After intervention of the Shamayita Math,114 number of VLCPCs were formed in eight Panchays of two blocks during last eight months.. These VLCPCs have been provided basic orientation on :

  • How to start functioning as mandated under the ICPS- such as contacting the police in crime related cases by children, or contact with childline 1098 , DCPS, BLCPC for CNCP(Child in need of care & protection), etc.
  • To make them aware and build consensus on Code of Conduct for working with children
  • To help CPCs familiarize themselves with key formats/records and other procedural aspects, regarding the child cases initiated from their end.
  • Creating awareness on child rights and child protection among all CPC members and also among community people.

Since formation of VLCPCs , 22 cases have been reported to Bankura Childline by members of VLCPCs. These cases include – protection against child marriage, eve teasing, providing medical help, problem regarding admission in schools, etc. Better functioning of these VLCPCs will help in providing the children a safe and secured living.