Matribedi Shamayita Jeebansurya Hospital

Good Health is a prerequisite for carrying out one’s responsibilities. Disease and death are certain. What is required is access to quality healthcare when there is a need.

In our vast country, vast stretches of population do not have access to quality healthcare either due to lack of communication or due to lack of affordability.

Due to lack of access to healthcare there is high incidence of physical impairments – temporary and permanent for the afflicted. For the poor this is a double blow. Physical impairment – temporary or permanent reduces the earning capacity of an already poor family and increases the burden on the family in the form of patient care.

The vicious cycle for the poor and how it impacts their life:

Journey of Matribedi Jeebansurya Hospital

Shamayita Math has identified Healthcare as one of the major area of intervention as a part of its social welfare activities. Through Matribedi Shamayita Jeebansurya Hospital and its outreach services it has touched more than 150000 people residing in the rural areas of Bankura.


In 1986, “Jeeban Surya” a health clinic of Matribedi Shamayita Math started its Journey with homeopathic care & treatment to the destitute people in the area. It offered camps in the villages and distributed medicines free to the needy and destitute population. In 1997 the allopathic Section was included in the health care services. Few renowned doctors including surgeons dedicated their services by participating in village level camps.

Gradually, the poor people were drawn to the services of the clinic and they began visiting the clinic for accessing health services. It was observed that the hospital campus needs extension to manage the influx of population who visited the health centre to receive treatment & medicine. New “Jeeban Surya” building was constructed in 2001, which started to function as the Out Patient Department (OPD). In the month of Nov 2008, the eye operation theatre was added and Jeevansurya hospital started cataract surgery.

In 2012 Jeebansurya hospital became a full-fledged hospital with the addition of the Inpatient Unit (IPD).

Services Offered

Now Matribedi Jeebansurya is a complete hospital having the following services for the community:

  • Outdoor, open on all the seven days with specialist doctors from Bankura Medical College.
  • 35 bedded indoor unit with medicine ward and surgical ward.
  • 24×7 pharmacy and ambulance service.
  • Adequately equipped diagnostic laboratory including X-Ray, ECG, Ultrasonoraphy and Colour Doppler.
  • Cashless service under Rastriya Swasth Bima Yojna and Swastha sathi scheme