An institute for Cultural and Personality Development.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Nurturing the cultural sense, inner talents, skill and potentialities of every individual.
  2. Development of moral and ethical value-based culture.
  3. Focus to build a sound and attractive personality.
  4. Development of a co-operative and social mind.
  5. Encourage the group activities and related performances.
  6. Focus to develop consciousness and leadership.

Seven wings of Saptaparni


Classical, semi-classical, Bengali songs.


Rabindranritya, Classical Dance, Folk Dance & Creative Dance


And other musical Instruments

Recitation, Anchoring & Drama

Drawing & Painting

Yoga, Aerobics & Karate


Scope & Facilities

  1. Step by step training and grooming of every individual.
  2. Basic training on every item with modern aspect.
  3. Individual and Group performance throughout the year on different occasions.
  4. Special training and workshop by eminent Artists and Key-Persons.