Women Collectives- A Way Towards Empowerment


Empowering rural women through promotion of sustainable institutions and reduction of livelihood vulnerability through promotion of sustainable livelihood options

Outreach :

Working with 3442 SHGs, 181 Village Organizations  in Bankura, Paschim Midnapore and Jhargram districts of West Bengal

Objective :

Strengthening of SHGs, Village Organizations (Upasangha) and Clusters (Gram Panchayat Level Federations or Sangha ) and making them financially self sustainable and active in addressing livelihood, health and social issues

  • To develop efficient Village level cadre/community trainer


  • Training provided to community trainer selected from GPLF by our professional
  • Community trainer provides trainings to SHGs on strengthening of SHGs (Why SHG? Why women?, Panchasutra, Importance of Higher savings, MCP, Grading etc.) through various games ,flip chart, role play, debate and discussion
  • Community trainer also provides trainings to SHGs on improve agricultural practices and improve management practices of farm animal (Goat, BYP etc.)
  • Our professional provides training to VOs regarding the concept of VO, services of VO, VO subcommittees and their functions, Leadership training ,poverty analysis etc.

Impact :

  • 50% of the VOs we are working with have been strengthened. The VOs which are developed now review the health of the SHGs based on Panchasutra, grading, Micro Credit planning.
  • Livelihood planning is done through VO
  • New agri-techniques like Improved Paddy Cultivation, System of Assured Rice production  are percolating into SHG level through VOs.