Women’s Day 2021 – “Choose to challenge”

Women's Day

In the words of our Revered Prabhuji “Woman emancipation is the principal motto of this age. …..bear it in mind again, that an ideal society depends upon the progress of women. Ideal wives could specially present dedicated children to the society. Their idealism and character endowed with purity could carve new path in the society….” To uphold the message of woman emancipation, which is the need of the hour, Shamayita Math focuses on empowerment of rural women- through organizing them into women collectives- self help groups, federations, and emphasizes on their capacity building through training- on group dynamics, SHG book keeping, SHG audit, good agriculture practice, scientific animal rearing and on entrepreneurship development. Objective is to provide their families an incremental income through multiple livelihood interventions. Women’s collectivization and economic empowerment gives them dignity and respect in home, family and society and helps them to walk with confidence and determination through all challenges. Facing a challenge ultimately leads to a revolution- revolution of mind. Inner revolution actually leads to the welfare of mankind, welfare of the society. This is manifested as A CHANGE in the society . In conformity with the theme of Women’s Day 2021 – “Choose to challenge” Shamayita Math celebrated International women’s day in its different locations on 8th March 2021.
In Bankura location celebration was held in village Radhakrishnapur, where about 250 women , all belonging to self help groups, village level organization, cluster level federation of Gangajalghati block gathered to celebrate the day. Discussions were centered primarily around the benefits of developing the upcoming Samriddhi” federation in Gangajalghati block. In Durgapur , the day was celebrated in cement colony auditorium , involving the trainees of Jute Bag unit. In Keonjhar district of Orissa, celebration was done by Shamayita Math involving the members of Rojia Gram Panchayat federation. Here few of the Asha workers and ANM were felicitated as covid warriors and few SHGs which supplied cooked meal to the migrant villagers during covid were awarded. In Ghatshila location of Jharkhand, celebration was done involving 100 SHG women, where small enterprises like puffed rice machine, sal plate machine, were inaugurated. Porgramme inauguration through Women rally was a common feature of all locations.

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