Supportive Education for the Underprivileged

  • Asha for Education has come forward to join hands with Shamayita Math in its initiative to provide the light of education to the poor and underserved. Asha for education provides partial support for 13 residential students of Shamayita Convent School belonging to Scheduled caste and Scheduled Tribe category.

It also provides support for the students of Marang Buru Schools run by Shamayita Math.  Apart from supporting the teachers’ remuneration, training for the teachers, providing purified drinking water for the students , it encourages the ex-students of Marang Buru schools to continue education in high schools. The support provided for this include helping the students of secondary and higher secondary ( even the ones residing  in the govt.  hostels) level with reference books,  practice note books. The ex students who are day scholars come to Marang Buru school every Sunday, where they are helped with their lessons by the teachers.

  • Friends of Shamayita Math (FOSM) , Denmark , an organization formed by the Danish well wishers and friends of Shamayita Math many of whom have visited Shamayita Math and have come forward to share our dreams to illumine the lives of the students of Marang Buru primary school. Members of  FOSM raise fund in Denmark and send their contributions as a token of love for the underserved students of Marang Buru school.
  • A volunteer from Rotary Club of San Jose East Evergreen visits Marang Buru school at Hanspahari every year. The club came forward with a contribution for expansion of the infrastructure,  with which two classrooms were added along with a mini purified water plant. Every year the club supports the school by sending contributions for midday meal, writing desks, library books and other school supplies. In May 2019 another classroom was added with the support of the club.
  • A supportive education programme is being implemented since 2009 in the backward Blocks of Kuakonda and Katekalyan in Dantewada district of Chattisgarh under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project  of National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC). Under this project, tribal children in primary, middle schools and Anganwadi centres are given special lessons in English and Mathematics in two-hour morning sessions. The objective is to supplement over the inadequacies of tribal and Scheduled Caste students in learning the subjects of school curriculum, so that there is no drop out once they join middle/high school. Such students are given meals, cooked by the women of SHGs. The SEP has resulted in a spectacular drop in the percentage of absenteeism in schools as it has improved the quality of learning opportunities for the children through innovative means adopted at the community and the school levels and better infrastructure including resource materials in lessons and sporting activities, safe drinking water and separate toilet for girls and supply of nutritional food supplements.
  • Rotary E-Club of Melbourne (RID 9800) Australia also provides support to Marang Buru Schools.  It has provided floor mats for all the three schools and sponsored a hand pump for Shamayita Marang Buru School, Kendrabonathol.  The club also promotes sanitation facilities at family level for selected students of the schools.